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Computer fixed.

2013-05-04 02:07:31 by Millim

ok computer fixed now back to work! :D


2013-03-08 00:18:06 by Millim

Sorry for no updates, I've been moving houses and my computer stopped working.
Trying to fix and sorting everything out. Hopefully post stuff in the future.

Have a merry Christmas and and awesome new years. Going to post some new songs real soon. Hopefully something good for new year!

Sorry for no Audio Post

2012-08-14 19:19:26 by Millim

Sorry for no Audio Post guys, I have been busy with tafe work, I have been getting sick, Social life drinking with mates etc, and the occasional problem with females..

But! I have about 3 songs nearly finished, 4 half completed and a few that have just been started.
Hopefully I can start submitting them soon.

I am working.

2012-06-11 02:51:20 by Millim

Working on a bunch of projects, I've started working heaps of different genres for songs, then I jump to a new project haha, I might submit a hardstlye/hardcore tonight. It's not like anything else I've made, I don't expect anyone to like it but I want to show it to some of my mates because it's kind of a joke too lol. And I'm on holidays hopefully ill get time to work on my songs more.

Glad to be back

2012-05-16 03:23:14 by Millim

Glad to be back and getting such a good positive response for my new music, look forward for more guys !


2011-09-26 07:21:45 by Millim

Been busy, cant say what, but im back to making more shit music, hope to show u guys soon

Been Busy

2011-09-13 06:13:40 by Millim

Been working on some new songs, one of them im proud of, but with gf on my computer playing spore, and programs crashing its gotten a little hard, but i fixed all of it, kick gf out and googled the crashing problems....
. .
. .
. .
. .



2011-08-31 20:53:08 by Millim

Looking after the kitty cat at my gf house using her....ehhh MAC... and when i hoped up and the mac feel off the bed and smashed charger plug into the charger input... its pretty fucked, she is going to be pissed. but anyway still waiting for my music to get checked and approved.

So iv been waiting around 2 days for my approval for my first song i wanna put up, really wanna start putting up more but yeah, nothing i can do about then :\, and my gf got a kitten last night and it kept me up attacking me. ( i know right? u guys dont give a fuck ) why do people even post shit.